Top 10 Disney Movies

I am obsessed with Disney, when I was a baby my room was Winnie the Pooh theme and I grew up watching all the Disney films. I would sing and act alone with the characters and in all honesty I still do to this day. My favorite store to go into at the mall has to be the Disney store and yes, I am in love with Disneyland Park, and it is the most magical place on earth. It is so hard to explain how much I love Disney, and I want to show you all my top 10 favorite movies that Disney has made. This was really hard to make and narrow down sense they have made a lot of movies, also I have to add I will not add Star Wars to this list even though I love the Star Wars movies and Disney owns them, I plan on putting them on a separate list.

  1. Lion King

This has to be my number one because this was the movie I watched a lot as a kid and still to this day I cry when Mufasa dies. I still sing along to the movie and one of my goals is to go see the Broadway production. This movie is a classic Disney film and will always be my all-time favorite.

  1. Hercules

My mom has a video of me when I was little, all dressed up and wearing her heel, sing and acting out to Meg’s song “I won’t say I am in love.” I still love singing to it and this movie just makes me laugh and cry when Meg dies. I have to say that my favorite character is Hades just because he is so funny for a bad guy.

  1. Hunch Back of Notre Dame

This movie I really fell in love with when I was in my teens. The music is really amazing especially with the first song that opens the movie and the message that it tells is so great. I have read the book and have been to the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris where I did try to spot Quasimodo.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean

These films are the best and I am in love with Captain Jack Sparrow (don’t worry my husband knows). I have a life size cut out of him and I have seen all of the movies which I love. These movies are the reason I dress up as a pirate for the last 5 Halloweens and every time I go to a renaissance fair. Also the reason why I took up fencing in college. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ride at Disneyland until these movies came out but still these films are so great.

  1. The Three Musketeers (1993)

This film isn’t really known as a Disney film but it is! And it is more of an adult film then a children’s movie. There is no singing or dancing, it is like Pirates of the Caribbean. This is one of my favorite adaptation to the book because it is so funny but still carries the dark elements of fighting and killing. If you haven’t seen this movie I suggest that you do, really under-rated and will make you laugh.

  1. Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin

Netflix has recently added this and I am not going to lie, I have watched it a couple of times already. I did watch this as a kid and I didn’t watch it as much as the other ones because there were some parts that scared me but this movie has a great meaning. It also has one of my favorite quotes which is ““You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know.” This is a quote from the original book which I also own.

  1. Atlantic

I feel like this movie is under rated for a Disney film. Personally this is a great film that talks about the evil of being greedy and how it is good to learn new things. This movie also helped me get into archaeology and exploring. I remember when it came out and I wanted to get a replica of Milo’s book to finding Atlantic.

  1. Tangled

I have to say that when I was little my favorite princess was Aurora from Sleeping Beauty but when Tangled came out Rapunzel took over that spot. This movie reminds me of the older movies that I use to watch as a child. This movie is so great due to the fact that it makes you want to sing and dance with characters, plus the ending always gets me. Truly a great current movie that makes you feel young again.

  1. Bug’s Life

So my sister loved this movie when she was little kid and really I don’t blame her. I would sit down and watch it with her when she would put it on. The message behind this movie is great that no matter how small you are if you find the strength and have supported friends and family you can do anything. Also my sister and I love imitating the Caterpillar when he says, “I am beautiful butterfly!”

  1. Treasure Planet

When we got our first DVD player this film was one if the first films we played in it. Recently I watched this movie and I can’t believe how under-rated this movie is. The graphics and the idea of space pirates are just so great. Honestly I could watch this over and over again because of how awesome the songs are and the how Disney was able to turn a classic book like Treasure Island and make it into a space theme movie. More people should watch and appreciate this movie more.

Hope you all liked this list of Disney movies and let me know what your favorites are. I know there are so many Disney films and it is so hard to put them in order of favorites, trust me this was a hard list to make, but I think I picked the ones that really taught me over the years. Most of these are under-rated Disney films and some that you have no idea are about but they are all really good. Now I have to say that this is my top 10 Disney films, some of these change over time with the more Disney films that come out and I like to look at old films to remember them and it get into the happy mood because that is what Disney films are all about! Thanks for reading!


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