The Individualized Education Program, also known as IEP which is a document that is developed for each public school child who needs special education, and I was one of these students. I believe I started being in the IEP program around 3rd grade and I get out of the program sophomore year of high school. Now my main problem was that I was not good at compression when I was reading and my writing wasn’t that great as well. Other than that I was fine with school, I was an average B-C grade student which to me was fine.
Now having an IEP means I go to a special class with fewer students so that I can individual help with the teachers. There were different classes for different subjects and since my problem was compression I went to special reading and writing classes. I didn’t take it as something was wrong with me, I just knew I was slow when it came to reading and writing.
Throughout middle school I found these classes fun, I had a teacher that was really cool and helped me a lot with reading. At first I hating reading, it was something that I dreaded doing especially in class. I was that student that would look away from the teacher so that they did not pick me to read a passage in the textbook. I was slow and my vocabulary was not with the other students. I would get some laughs when I read for the class but I just ignored them because I knew I was l slow, and I was working on fixing it.
I had one special needs teacher that was really great. She helped me get into reading and really brought out my creative side when it came to writing. However there is one teacher that really helped me get to be the writer that I am today. It was my 7th grade teacher. He asked me to be in his regular class then in the special needs class. At first I was scared because I was going to be in a regular writing class with my classmates and I felt like I was going to slow and dumb around them. But actually I ended up being really good in that class and was one of the strongest writers. He gave me a chance to feel like a normal student.
After that I went back to going to special classes only because I still was a little behind but I was way better than I was before I because of my 7th grade teacher I was able to be closer to where I was supposed to be. I really started to enjoy books and writing essays were becoming fun. I was still nervous reading in front of the class but I wasn’t as slow as I was before and I was getting better.
Now after 8th and 9th grade I went to a different school. The first day of my special class all the students were asked to write an essay on what we wanted to do with our lives. I ended up writing about 2 pages worth and finished before everyone else. That day I was asked to come to that class after school. The teachers said that my essay was really good and they felt that I was good enough to get out of special classes for good and learn with the rest of the student. I would still have my IEP just in case I wanted to take test in a different room or would want extra time, because I am not really good at test but all in all I would go to regular classes.
I was so happy, I called my mom right away and told her. I was so proud of myself that I was able to make it to where I needed to be. Throughout the rest of high school I went to regular English classes and I was just so proud of myself and I worked extra hard on that class.
In college I was really good in my English classes. Reading and writing wasn’t a problem and I actually really love to do essays. I have come a long way to who I am today with writing. There were hard times but all that hard work came together in the end.
Having an IEP was never something that I thought was a bad thing and people should know that it is not that we have a problem, it is just that we all learn in different rates. I personally don’t like when people would say that I have a problem when really I was just a slow learner. I grew up with an IEP and I am so happy that I did because it has taught me so much and has giving me a chance to see that working hard on something either academically or something personal in the end it will be worth it.


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