Baby Erik

I found out I was pregnant on February 9th. It was a Thursday morning and I just got off my overnight shift. I knew for a week that something was up and I was tired all the time, which I blamed it on working a lot and not getting enough sleep. I was close to having my monthly visit, but I knew something was going on with me. So that morning despite being tired and nervous I took a pregnancy test. Now the reason why I was nervous was because I knew there was a chance I was pregnant. In January, my long distance boyfriend and I went to California to his cousins wedding. We got engaged ourselves which was super exciting and then one night we had a little too much fun, so much fun that the next morning we went and got Plan B. Don’t get me wrong I have always wanted kids in my life but we both knew that a child at this moment in our lives would be crazy. Well the universe had another plan for us because when I took the pregnancy test and came back positive I was shocked. There was so many emotions going through my head that I had no idea what to think or even feel. I was emotionally and physically numb. My first instinct was to go and get another pregnancy test just to make sure that it was a real positive and it was. That day I remember, when my roommate was driving me to class I got scared at all the bumps and turns because I feared it might hurt the baby.

I waited for all my classes to be over and around the time when he was off work to tell him I was pregnant. I was nervous to call him so I texted him. Now me trying to be cute about it I text him that I got him a valentine’s gift but it wouldn’t be here till 9 months and it was non-returnable. Of course, he did not get it at first, until he called me. I explained everything that happened that morning, and I started to cry because I had no idea what he was thinking. Then he did the best thing that any man can do if this situation and he started to plan. He was worried but at the same time, he was happy. He thought of a couple things that we could do so I can be there with him and us getting married. To be honest he gave me peace of mind of us having this baby and working through it.

Now the next day I went to the clinic to be extra sure, which of course came back positive. I sent the results to my fiancée and that really helped him see that this was really happening. We both than realized we have something even bigger to face, telling our parents. We both agreed to tell them that day because better to get it over with now even though it was still too early. He called his parents and I called mine. My mom was funny and she thought it was a joke but then after repeating myself that it was true she came to realize I was not joking. She was shocked at first but then got excited. This is to be her first grandbaby and she was so happy for us. I called my dad after talking to her and he was shocked as well but was very supported about it. His parents were very happy as well; this is to be there first grandbaby too. All of them agreed that we were old enough and that though this was a surprise it was a great surprised.

The next month I got married but only was with my husband for a day. He had to go back to his job and I still had to finish the semester of school. The first trimester was alright, I was lucky to not have any morning sickness, the only symptoms I had was nausea and being tired all the time. However, at the end of my first trimester and the start of the second I got really emotional and depressed. I was sad that I did not get the wedding I was starting to plan before I got pregnant. I was mad that my parents could not come to my courthouse wedding. I felt bad because we did not get that time together as a real couple and not as long distance couple. I was always crying and feeling sad. I did not tell my husband about it because I did not want him to feel bad about it but I did tell my mom and she was the one how helped me out get out of this depression.

After that, everything went well and I started to get really excited about having this baby. I am now 21 weeks pregnant, and this all has been an experience that I will never forget. I found out the gender two weeks ago, we are having a baby boy, and his name is Erik. I am still here in Arizona but soon I will be moving to Louisiana with my husband where Erik will be born in October. We will be stopping in Texas to go to a baby shower that his mom been planning and I am excited about that because my parents will be there too. Though my Husband and I will be together during my last trimester, I cannot wait for that time for all three of us to be together at last. This is the most excited time in my life, I am so happy to have my husband, and our families supporting us.

Erik is already so loved and I cannot wait for the day I get meet him!


One thought on “Baby Erik

  1. Love it! I am so excited and can not wait to see little cutie pie Erik!!! So Happy that you are Happy Reece! Love You!!!


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